Asbestos Law Information


Some courts incorporate a schedule into their pretrial orders. In the Northern District of Ohio, the court established a comprehensive schedule for all asbestos cases, including future filings. The schedule provides for a trial within 480 days of the filing of the complaint and a concentrated effort to settle the case at a settlement status conference to be held 120 days before trial and prior to some of the major discovery events.69 The District of Maryland also prescribes a detailed pretrial schedule for the ten months preĀ­ceding trial, setting specific deadlines for each form of discovery, for amendments of pleading, and for pretrial motions.70

The Western District of Pennsylvania imposes a similar schedule and includes provision for a final pretrial conference after the parties file a detailed pretrial stipulation specifying the evidence to be presented at trial, voir dire questions, and proposed jury instructions, A party that fails to comply runs the risk of sanctions.71 In a separate order, the court specified that it will apply the sanction of preclusion of evidence when a party fails to submit a timely or complete pretrial statement.72

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